Apple Watch advert branded ‘darkest bit of marketing’ by divided viewers

Apple has divided opinions online after it shared an advert for its new Series 7 watch, which gives users the ability to track their fitness, look at photos, and call emergency services

A new advert released by Apple has been branded “darkest bit of marketing” by viewers as it features audio from real emergency phone calls.

Apple released its Series 7 watch at the start of this year, with a number of potentially life-saving features like Emergency SOS that allows you to ring for help.

The advert opens with three callers, Jim, Jason and Amanda who were all talking to emergency services operators about their dangerous situations.

One has been in a car accident and has water rushing into the vehicle, another has been blown out to sea while paddleboarding and a third has fallen and broken their leg.

During the ad, one of the callers explains that they can’t get to their mobile phone and is ‘talking on [their] Apple Watch’.

Thankfully, all three callers are saved – thanks to their Apple watches – as the caption says: “With the help of their watch, Jim, Jason and Amanda were rescued in minutes.”

But the advert, which dropped on January 1, has divided opinions online as some people admitted they found it “hard to watch”.

One person who said they were forced to turn off the ad when they saw it, wrote: “Something about this ad is just horrifying… every time I see it while I’m trying to watch football I just switch the channel, idk what it is it’s just so hard to watch.”

Another person added: “Preying on people’s fear in this covid era (where fear is at an all time high) to sell your product is crazy to me.”

A third person commented: “Not right of them to do this.”

Comments for the advert have since been turned off on YouTube.

Other viewers on Twitter called the ad ‘one of the best they’d seen.’

While another said: “The Apple Watch 9-1-1 ads are so chilling and dystopian and effective.”