Girl turns used crisp packets into life-saving warm blankets for the homeless

Alyssa Dean, 11, from Prestatyn, North Wales, had the idea to turn used crisp bags into warm survival blankets as she wanted to help people who are homeless this winter

A schoolgirl is making life-saving blankets for the homeless to stay warm – out of used crisp packets.

Alyssa Dean, 11, started collecting crisp bags to transform them into warm survival blankets for people who are homeless.

The idea came after she was inspired to help homeless people to stay safe during the winter.

Alyssa has to collect 44 packets in order to make just one blanket – and then creates a parcel with hats, gloves, socks and chocolate.

Her mum Darlene, 51, helps with the project by collecting empty crisp bags at work before helping to iron them together.

Darlene, of Prestatyn, North Wales, said: “Alyssa is very eco conscious and this kind of project suits her perfectly.

“I collect crisp packet from work as I put a collection box there. It takes about 44 packets to make one blanket so we’ve gone through lots of crisps to make these care packages.

“Each blanket takes about 45 minutes to make with the ironing and weather proofing.

“We wanted to give homeless people a bit more than just a blanket so we included other bits and pieces to help keep them warm.

“At first, she was using her own pocket money to fund this but we’ve had a fundraiser and raffle since to help us stock the parcels.”

Alyssa was inspired after being awarded Miss North Wales Pre-Teen and has now made over 80 care parcels for the homeless.

They will be handed out across Denbighshire as well as Conwy and Flintshire.