Mum puzzled as she’s told Ferrero Rocher are ‘aspirational’ chocolates for working class

A woman has sparked a heated debate online after asking if certain types of chocolate can be seen as ‘middle class’ or ‘working class’ following a comment from her mother-in-law

A mum has admitted to being left “baffled” by a comment made by her mother-in-law over the Christmas period.

While the older woman was visiting, she was asked if the family thought their tower of Ferrero Rocher chocolates was “aspirational”.

She shared all in a post on Mumsnet, writing: “Am I being unreasonable to say some chocolates are distinctly middle class?

“MIL asked us if we thought our Ferrero Rocher tower was ‘aspirational’ and said she knows Ferrero Rocher to be the aspirational chocolates of the working class.

“This baffled me.

“My family has always sort of transcended class – my mum was upper-middle, my dad was very working class. But he was a doctor and she a nurse. We were probably lower-middle growing up if I had to put a tag on it, but our mixed extended family meant that we weren’t aware of what was ‘posh’ or MC / WC.”

She went on to say that she would never have known which chocolates have the “markings” of which class.

So she turned to fellow Mumsnet users to see which chocolates they view as “typically middle class”, adding: “We discussed it as a family and we couldn’t come up with a single one!”

And while they couldn’t come up with any, plenty of people in the comments had thoughts, with more than 500 people replying.

One person provided an entire list, posting: “Tony’s Chocolonely, anything called Monty anything, Booja Booja, Local artisan stuff.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like these. Don’t love Ferrero Rocher and wouldn’t consider them posh. Even Hotel Chocolat is probably a bit mainstream/common these days (although they make my favourites).”

Another responded: “We were lower-middle too, my mum used to get a Walnut Whip on her birthday.”

A third said: “Charbonnel et Walker. Prestat. Probably was Godiva, but not now they’re everywhere. Any brand you can only buy in Waitrose / Booths / middle-class department stores!”

Someone else wrote: “Green and blacks definitely not MC. Maybe Booja Booja or Montezumas. Definitely Prestat.”

A different user added: “Handmade chocolate is especially fancy. Tony’s Chocolonely is middle class IMO (and tastes the same as choceur from Aldi).”

“‘I’m WC [working class] with WC tastes, love Galaxy Caramel, Fry’s Turkish Delight or a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. I like Green & Blacks, Thorntons and Lindt, so they may well fit in the WC bracket too,” admitted a sixth.

While a seventh proclaimed: “All chocolates will be eaten by me. I don’t discriminate.”